Top 3 ways to maintain your drains

Keeping your sink and toilet from clogging keeps your pipes and drainage in good condition. People use drains all the time, and when you face problems like this, it’s going to be difficult and costly to repair.

Fortunately, Plumber Centurion is here to help you maintain your drains so you won’t have to worry about potential problems at all! 

Boil water and pour it on the sink

While it may sound weird at first, boiling water and draining it on your sink is the best way to preserve its functionality. While boiling isn’t the most convenient method to do it, it’s certainly the most effective. 

Remember, there will always be food particles getting stuck and will harden over time. Pouring hot water solves this problem and prevents any other future issues from happening.

If you have a thermos, it’s even made easier that will hopefully give you the consistency needed to clean your sink. About once a week should do the trick in maintaining your drains. 

Flush drains with baking soda and vinegar 

About once a week, make sure to clean and use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to take out any unwanted substances from clogging the drains. You must do so to level your pipes in a manner that will continue working. 

All you have to do is combine a cup of white vinegar with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and pour it down the drain right away. Allow the mixture to boil for around five minutes before flushing it down the drain with hot water straight from the kettle.

Brush your hair before taking a shower 

Hair is one of the most common things that clog up drains. While they are not inside the drains, they clog the drain holes that will help flush away water and debris out to the canals. 

This is why you need to brush your hair so any dead hair will be taken care of before taking a bath. By doing this, you’re preventing hair from blocking the drain holes and thus circulate better for draining. 

Have Plumber Centurion help you with your drainage needs!

If you stumble upon a problem with your pipes, then look no further than hire Plumber Centurion to fix your drains for you! Remember, a great house comes with great plumbing, and maintaining it is the way to go about your day without worrying about potential clogging.

For more information about the plumbing industry, be sure to check out our blogs for the latest news and insights that will help you with your plumbing needs! 

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