Plumber Centurion: 5 most common plumbing problems

Have you ever had one of those moments when the faucet in the bathroom won’t stop dripping at night? Then when you wake up, your toilet seems to be having flushing issues and one of your radiators does not heat up anymore. Your home might even have an undetected major pipe leak you’re unaware of that can cause extreme structural damage, surprising you with repair costs that could hurt your wallet. 

However, there’s no need to worry. Here at Plumber Centurion, we will give you a comprehensive list of the most common plumbing problems at home and how to fix them. For as long as you have the proper tools on your end, then you’d fix them in just a matter of time. Check them out below:

Clogged toilets and drains

Among the plumbing problems you can encounter at home, clogged toilets and drains are the easiest to spot. Every time you empty a sink or flush the toilet, the water overflows and refuses to back down. This typically occurs when objects such as hair, shampoo lids or other items completely block the drain. Meanwhile, if a toilet gets clogged, a foreign object that cannot be dissolved has entered the pipe, making it impossible for the water to continuously flow.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is use a plunger to get rid of the clog. Carefully put the open end of the tool over the drain and move it up and down to draw the blockage closer. However, if a plunger is not an option, you can purchase chemical drain cleaners or plumbing snakes as an alternative.

If you’ve tried every plumbing tool to remove the blockage but it doesnt work, then it’s time for you to contact a professional. A plumber can fix the issue without causing further damage to the pipe and give you tips on how to avoid clogging your drains.

You can also try the classic baking soda and vinegar method. Just add one cup of baking soda to the clogged toilet and wait up to two minutes. 

After that, slowly pour two cups of vinegar and allow the two substances to work together for a couple of minutes. Try flushing the toilet if the clog has been successfully cleared.

Water heater issues

Have you ever had those mornings when you get drenched in freezing cold water because your water heater unit is starting to malfunction again? Instead of enjoying a warm shower in the morning, your whole body is shivering which can take a toll on your mood for the whole day. 

Other signs that you have heating problems at home are puddles of water, dripping water and weird sounds coming from the heater unit. 

Usually, water heater problems are caused by broken electrical connections, improper installation or the accumulation of sediments, among other things. To prevent these kinds of problems in the future, always make sure that you inspect the pressure valve regularly. Also, don’t forget to flush the tank to avoid sediment buildup. 

However, since water heaters are complex machines to handle, we highly recommend that you call a technician if you encounter any issues.

Dripping faucets

Once your faucet starts dripping, the sound is too annoying that it’s impossible to get it out of your head. Even if you’re facing your computer at work, you still hear the slow, persistent trickling of water that keeps you up at night. 

This is the reason why your water bill unexpectedly blows up in just a month. Remember that one drip per second is equivalent to 2600 gal per year, so as soon as your faucets start to leak, you should get them fixed. 

Here are the causes of a dripping faucet:

  • Bad O-Ring

Try replacing the o-ring if you have a faulty faucet. It looks like a small rubber ring attached to the stem crew which holds the handle of the faucet.

  • Corroded valve seat

If you notice that the leak is coming from the spout, the valve seat is probably corroded. The accumulation of mineral deposits and water sediments can wear down the valve, resulting in a leaking faucet.

Other causes include:

  • Worn-out seals
  • Water pressure
  • Worn-out cartridge
  • Broken parts.

Low water pressure

Aside from leaky faucets, dealing with a water pressure that’s too weak is one of the most annoying plumbing problems you’d encounter as a homeowner. It makes taking a bath, washing the dishes and doing the laundry extremely inconvenient, especially when you’re dealing with a tight schedule. 

One of the causes of low water pressure is a water main break, reducing the total pressure to your tap. If your neighbours are experiencing the same problem as yours, then this is likely to be the issue. 

A pipe leak can also be the culprit. For starters, turn off all your taps, inspect your water meter and don’t turn on the faucets for a few hours. If you notice that the water meter has changed, then chances are, you have an undetected leak within your place. 

However, if you can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of the problem, call a plumber right away. They may need to correct the pipe levels or replace certain pipes in your home. 

Running toilet

A running toilet is even more wasteful and annoying than a leaky faucet. If left untreated, it can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day, giving you an expensive water bill that could drain your bank account. 

It usually happens when the inner components of your toilet are already malfunctioning or worn out. Other causes may include corroded toilet handles, tube problems and faulty flush valves.

To fix a running toilet, make sure that you inspect each component. Check if the fill tube is still attached, ensure that the valves inside shut off properly and see if the chain connected to the flapper isn’t tangled yet. However, if these simple troubleshooting steps don’t work at all, you may need to call a plumber to replace the components inside.

How to prevent plumbing problems

Yes, plumbing problems may be inevitable, but you can always take extra measures to make sure they don’t happen to you every week. Here are some tips to get you started:

Perform regular inspections

Having a regular inspections for your home’s entire plumbing system is a good way to prevent problems from occuring. Every once in a while, closely inspect your toilet, pipes and faucets. If you notice that one of them has leaks or minor damages, address them immediately or contact a professional.

Flush wisely

To prevent your toilet from getting clogged, keep in mind that only dissolvable waste should be flushed. Other objects like paper towels, sanitary napkins and diapers must be disposed of in garbage bins since they can be the culprit for a blockage. 

Leave your pipes alone

Most homeowners make the mistake of hanging their laundry in their pipes since they are usually located in laundry rooms or basements. However, this is a mistake you should avoid. Keep in mind that pipes are not designed to hold a lot of weight, and they may burst or disconnect if they carry more than what they can handle.

Don’t pour grease down the drain

While grease may seem like a harmless substance, it can stick to your pipes and eventually cause permanent damage. So, instead of dumping it, get some old jars that you can use for storage. Check with your city if they have designated drop-off areas where you can get properly get rid of grease, preserving the quality of your plumbing system.

Buy a drain screen

One of the best ways to prevent blockages is to put a drain screen in your kitchen sink to collect huge chunks of food and foreign objects that are not supposed to pass through the pipes. You can also put this in your shower to prevent hair from entering the plumbing system and causing a major clog.

Give Plumber Centurion a call to fix your plumbing issues

If you’re concerned about your worsening plumbing problems at home, it’s time to give Plumber Centurion a call. No matter how small the issue is, don’t risk turning it into a major plumbing problem and have one of our plumbers fix it in one go! We also have commercial liability cover from OutSurance that covers both our customers and employees. 

Our workers work around the clock, so if you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, we can send you a team of plumbers right away! They will be right there at your doorstep ready to give you the best solutions. Besides, we do it for a very affordable price, so no need to worry about extra charges. 

So, if you ever need a helping hand, Plumber Centurion will be at your disposal. Contact us now!

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